eMotion TM

sense and control
Guitar Morphing Engine

Giving you the tools to embed 21st Century rocket science in your Mid-century modern electric guitars!

The first installment in the system fabric is the Cinnamon™ PCB (printed circuit board) adapting certain feature-rich Bourns® full-color illuminated-shaft rotary encoders and equivalents to a single in-line 1x8x0.1" header while providing commonly required support circuitry. This is a connector compatible with solderless breadboards popular with electronic hobbyists.

The Cinnamon™ PCB was designed specifically to add great value to Cherrystone Designs' soon-to-be released Algum™ PCB. Algum™ PCB is a stereo audio capture PCB designed to fit neatly in the compact control cavity of the many existing FENDER® STRATOCASTER® electric guitars and to host PJRC's powerful Arduino-class Teensy 4.0 microcontroller module as well as a variety of innovative peripherals under development. It may fit inside other guitars, but may also be used in other projects simply requiring a stereo codec and/or other planned Algum™ PCB peripherals.

Cherrystone Designs' PCBs are quite compact due to the use of tiny surface mount components, making it possible to assemble them into larger works using basic through-hole part soldering assembly skills.

There are many resources available to learn how to program Arduino-class microcontrollers beginning at age 11. Many college undergrad and graduate students use Arduinos in their Engineering projects, even those competing nationwide in NASA-sponsored intelligent rocket design contests. A very easy-to-use online audio code generating program is provided free-of-charge by PJRC.

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